The Vision - Explore Time-Travel & The Multi-Verse!! Worlds First Open Dimensional Game (WIP)

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I will be uploading free C++ code along with some other assets that I’ve created for this project. The first free item will be the Parking Garage (Stripped of any marketplace or third party content: No cars) level that is connected to a hospital. These will be free to use in your commercial projects!

Welcome to The Vision!

New Trailer Released:

The Vision is a passion project! I have been working on the current version of The Vision for about 4.2 years now and love every second of it. It has always been a dream of mine to create a free and ever changing open world video game.

The opportunity to enter the 4th dimension has never been greater! Although limited, multi-verse and space travel will make the world feel more alive like never before seen in any video game!

Your survival skills will be put to the test; You will be given the ability to travel to ANY(Unlimited) period in time on earth, or in deep space. You will need to gather resources and knowledge about your world to survive. Finding shelter will be a crucial element to your survival in The Vision’s massive open world.

I have been working SOLO on this project for a while now! Thank you in advance to anyone that supports! Really means a lot.

Marketplace Content Used:

Horse Starter Kit:…8d04cf6422dad9
Ballistics FX:…3413d2034ff7ab
Scifi Kitbash Level Builder:…b60866e2ce0696
Paragon: Wraith:…9a5f64ec330410
Paragon Twinblast:…138cefacc672f1
M5 VFX Vol2. Fire and Flames:…7dc829c8bb30e6
Arch Viz VOL.2 - Living Room Furniture:…49249776d019ac
Sky Pack: 25 Skies:…05734ce196c7c6
Red Desert Pack:…fc88e691860100
SMART - ArchViz Interior Pack 01:…d37346f490192c

Brushify - Canyons Pack:…154f184d2ab32f
Brushify - Grasslands Pack:…rasslands-pack
Brushify - Mountains Pack:…mountains-pack

Bamboo Valley:…01c9900c9032f3
Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle:…8df2aeeda95ede
Modular Houses:…812030b2dbde93
Western Desert Town:…5fc5af783ebeda
Raptor Dinosaur Animated:…ad9b5ccaabeaca

Chameleon Post Process:…slug/chameleon
Animated FPS Firearms Starter Kit #1 (Cannot find the link)

Mocap Online Animations:

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Looks beautiful. Very impressive. How big is your team?

My siblings and I. It is 3 of us. My mom did the voice over for the trailer. So you could say it is a family team



You have a new Fan. Please keep up the awesome work!

@TechLord Thank you for Supporting!!! Really means a lot to me!!! I have been working SOLO on this game for a while now and all support really means a lot (My siblings and Mom helped me create and Edit the video). I am hoping to build a team soon. It really means a lot!!!

Hi @JustinDarlington You achieved all of this solo? Very Impressive. I understand and appreciate all the hard work that goes into ambitious titles like yours.

Are you aiming to build a PAID / ROYALY / UNPAID Team? I’ve been running a ROYALTY for some time and coincidentally I’m also developing a Multiverse Online Game. Running a Team is a lot of additional work. You would think it would help speed things up, but, In some cases it slows things down with administrative and social issues. There is enormous churn as Devs come and go. I had some Devs join the team and just ‘squat’ in the project. I had some work on things instead of assigned or selected tasks.

But, its all good. Ill never give up. I’ve have been actively seeking Procedural Content Generation methods to eliminate dependency on other Devs. I still have recruitment out in search of Devs who who want to embark on something unique, innovative, and ambitious. I’m on Discord all day, stop by anytime to chat.

Hey! I just saw this!! fantastic work, looks pro! It’s also a great example of using marketplace assets in a creative way. Bravo dude! Thank you! I really enjoyed working with your packs!

I am impressed by the idea. I hope that it works out well! I would love to see how this develops.