The Virtual Production Field Guide

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I wanted to ensure you had visibility into this new resource:


Hi Stephen,

Does Virtual Production work on MacOS Mojave(10.14.6? I am using the 4.23.1 version of the engine. I have read the Epic manuals and have watched videos. I cannot get the UnReal Remote 2 app to connect to my wifi. I have scanned my network for activity on the 2049 port. It only displays Apple’s nfsd(file directory)code. Other ports show codes for programs such as Houdini and BMD Fusion. Is there a code for UE4 that should appear when it is properly connected to port 2049? I suspect this where my problems exists. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Would this Subject be apart of the AR/VR topic or is there one for Virtual Productions? Looking to extent the tool set and learn more about the Virtual Production Utilities Plugin.

Is this forum alive? I’m looking for information about specifics on virtual production workflow with puppeteering. Is this the right place?


I think it depends on the subject. Virtual Production is a very new thing and many people here are working on games. The good news is, most problems should be solveable with the knowledge of the gamedevelopers here. It depends on the specification of the question you have.

Firstly I’d like to thank you for publishing this guide. It inspired me to create this virtual production course that I’d like to share my link with you:

you can find some free videos about the topic and learn more about the content if you have any questions please let me know.

Hi! Thanks for these resources!
With regards to the Live LED wall setup, I’m looking for information on the considerations made during filming.

  1. GROUND - Seems like cameras needs to be tight to avoid seeing the ground.
  2. GROUND PROPS - Soil, smoke, solid objects, etc… Safe to have these near the LED wall?
  3. GROUND EDGES - Post could help cleanup the connecting edges of the live ground and LED image.
  4. CAM MOVEMENT - Movement will be limited within the wall space.
  5. CAM SPEED - Could also be limited, as there could be some slight delay in latency from camera to Unreal. (or is there not?)
  6. SHAPE - Is there an optimal shape? Box, Cylindrical, 5 sided? I suppose it can depend on the type of shots needed… 1 flat wall will probably even do. But we might loose natural light coming from the sides.
  7. FRONT REFLECTION - Is this something noticeable even if it’s not part of the wall?
  8. PROJECTORS - I wonder if high res projectors can match (or be better) than an LED wall. And if it is more cost effective.