The Vineyard

This is my final entry for the TheVineyard challenge. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it in time.
The whole process took about 6-7 weeks.

The lighting and material looks absolutely amazing!! Is this all dynamically lit?

Just one thing -> increase the mip map distance -> I think on the trees you can see the mip map and not the high res texture :slight_smile:

Awesome! Too bad you missed the vineyard ue4 challenge.

<picks up jaw from the floor>


OMG !! i love it. Materials, lights, shadows, composition… Congratulations !!

That’s awesome!.. I was stalking some of your other posts and you said you’ll be doing some tutorials, how are they coming along?

i want to see demo!

Thanks guys!

Xerafel : For the exterior takes I have used “Dynamic Lighting”. Some objects like the car, I rendered as static.

gooner442 : Unfortunately I have to stop the tutorials because I will help Autodesk guys to improve their new engine, StingRay, and I don’t know when I will be back on this project.

Rafareis don’t go to the dark side! stick to ue4 :stuck_out_tongue: joke good luck!

haha :smiley: it’s just one more tool. I’m curious about what it can be done!

It’s probably the very similar to unreal but without a community lol!