The view angle doesn't change when selecting "Left", "Front", etc (anything other than "Perspective") when previewing character meshes, animations or physics assets.


This was probably mentioned already, but I couldn’t find anything.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any animation blueprint, skeletal mesh, or physics asset.
  2. Click the “Physics”, “Mesh” or “Skeleton” category from the right corner of the screen.
  3. Click where it says “Perspective” and try to change the camera angle to Left, Front, etc.

Current behaviour:

The view doesn’t change. I was trying to align sockets to the sole of a character’s foot and I had to eyeball each side. :expressionless:

Using UE 4.18.1, the latest right now.

Expected result:

The view mode should change, just like in one of your tutorials: [BP 3rd Person Game: Intro to Persona | 04 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine][2]


I was able to replicate the issue. I have logged a JIRA ticket with the developers for them to address this. You can access UE-52565 at anytime to check the status of the bug.

Very important bug. Perspective view changes are needed for retargeting. I hove this will be fixed as soon as possible.

Workaround (until 4.18.2 is released): the keyboard shortcuts still work.