The Veil- UE5 Short Film

Journey into a vintage room’s secrets, uncovering forgotten spirituality and the power of unity.
Through my experience creating a short film using Unreal Engine 5, I have learned a great deal. One of the key takeaways is the vast amount of high-quality assets available on the UE5 Marketplace and Sketchfab, all of which I used for free in my project.
The ease of access to these assets allowed me to focus on the creative aspects of my project. Thank you UE5!
Characters retargeting
Live Link Face
Clipchamp- AI Voice Actors


Hi there @Mark_Chua11,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far!

Kind of obsessed with this mansion. All the wood molding, bookshelves, and that massive chandeliers - simply gorgeous. My interior design enthusiasm aside the dialogue and storytelling is insanely impactful and immersive. Especially, the message behind it all.

Wonderfully done. Do you happen to have an ArtStation with any other work we can check out? :slight_smile:



Thank you for your kind message and your enthusiasm for the mansion and its intricate details. I must clarify that the mansion itself is not my own creation. I used assets from the UE5 marketplace to enhance the storytelling in my project. I greatly appreciate your compliment on the dialogue and the storytelling, and you also understand my message behind it :innocent:

While I don’t have any artwork on my ArtStation account at the moment, only a few screenshots from the few short firms I created, I’m grateful for your interest and support. (I’m a new learner at UE.)


Hello @Mark_Chua11 !

Just came by this and I have to say I’m so intrigued. I didn’t know that the AI voice modules have come so far so I’m surprised to see them implemented uniquely here. I love this taunting air of mystery that’s around everything especially when it comes to the casual conversation up until the reveal. Makes me think of the old film The Most Dangerous Game.

Your mansion is as @PresumptivePanda stated, gorgeous! Keep up the good work and I’m hoping we can see more from you here in the future!


Thank you, @The_M0ss_Man, for your kind comment! I also found the AI voice modules to be a pleasant surprise during the creation process. The natural-sounding AI text-to-speech feature from Clipchamp added an extra layer of authenticity. The stunning mansion showcased in the film was made possible with assets from the UE5 marketplace. Your support means a lot to me, and I’m excited to continue creating similar content in the future!

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