The vehicle's wheels are on the root bone

Recently I have been trying to make a car in an unreal engine but I still have problems with the wheels. My wheels are still on the root bone (here the video: Wheels on root bone.mp4 - Google Drive). Why are these wheels inside the car?

This is what the car skeleton looks like in a blender:

This is what the skeleton looks like in the unreal engine: Car Skeleton.mp4 - Google Drive

This is the export panel in the blender: Export Blender.png - Google Drive

This is the physics asset:

This is what .h and .cpp files look like: Code - Google Drive

This is what the pawn blueprint looks like:

This is what the wheel blueprint looks like: Wheel Blueprint.png - Google Drive

What can I do to keep the wheels in wheels place?
I am using Unreal Engine 4.26.2.

I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong, but I speak English on average.

I had a similar issue recently.
In your 3d editor before you rig the mesh to the bones Its good the freeze or set transforms of the bones and the mesh before rigging/ skinning so the default pose is clean. this looks like classic skinning joints after bones still have previous positions.