The use of the Level BP with the Class BP?

I have a rather large Class BP made up of several individual functions and was wondering if it would be better to break each function up into its own Class BP and somehow reference each class in the Level BP of my game? Is that the purpose for having Class and Level BP’s? Just asking because as I stated before … I have a huge Class BP right now and I could keep adding to it so everything is under one roof (so to speak) but I am not sure if this is the most efficient way. Any thoughts? Would breaking it apart help with debugging?

I think that is very dependent on what you’re doing. Without having any context, it’s impossible to say.

If you had a FPS Capture the Flag type game, I would have a class blueprint for the player character, a class blueprint for the flag, and a level blueprint to handle the teams, spawning of flags and the players/teams scores. Or something like that, I have yet to have a fully set up game so it might be different.

Thanks Chumble. I thought that was how it was supposed to work also. We’re trying to tie things together and so with our game it’s single player at the moment but there are different levels (boards) to play as you progress and the issue has been with the setup so that one level streams to the next and we were thinking it may be better to back track and break our HUGE BP down into sections or smaller BP’s and then call their functions into each level individually. Does this sound about right?