The Use of Google PAD Plugin

Has anyone here managed to figure out how to use the fast-follow or on-demand option in Google PAD plugin?


Once you’ve completed the setup of GooglePAD and you have your asset packs downloaded, you need to use C++ to mount, set mount point, add asset registry etc.
When that’s done you’ll be able to access the content inside those Pak files.

I have a pretty extensive PDF document for my product over at ([Plugin] Easy Google PAD)
Perhaps that could help you and future developers find some answers easier, a lot of links to relevant documents and easier to read and understand descriptions of what things do. It also have references to Project Settings and such that works in correlation to the GooglePAD plugin!

I hope that helps you and others, best of luck!

can you please explain how to implement google pad api

can you please share how to use c++ to mount, set mount point, and asset registry etc with us?

These are all things used in my marketplace plugin, unfortunately I can’t share the internal structure with you for this reason.
I believe you should have quite a few hits on google just by using those keywords though

Well I did get it to work in c++.

Weird though, the download/mounting stop working after my 5th asset with total of around 500mb download for on-demand.

Is there a default cap on this?