Hello Folks
This is my attempt on UE4 ! thanks to EPIC , I think we are moving to a new era of Archviz!
C&C are welcome . Will upload a Game play Video soon ! Cheers

Looks very good!

May I ask you how you make those pretty screenshot? Everytime I try I get jaggies and artifact when it’s perfectly beautiful when I play in my scene. I even get better results with printscreen than takehighresscreenshot. WTH am I doing wrong lol? BTW very nice renders.

Here is the gamePlay of the scene ! Again C&C are apreciated !

Very nice scene!

Highresshot introduces weird artifacts if you are using reflection actors, and it doesn’t include anti aliasing. Try taking a screenshot using the “screenshot” command after launching the scene in a full screen window.

Looks very good! :slight_smile:

very nice!

Thank you will try it!

These are just Screen grabs from the editor :slight_smile:
Thnk you guys I really apreciate your support

very nice !
can i ask
how long do you make that ?

Excellent job…
Perhaps you can show us some wireframe shots… :slight_smile: especially from outside