The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread


I was wondering as far as the posting of marketplace content. I heard from several others stating that you informed them at GDC that Tim Sweeney personally certifies the content submissions to be active on the marketplace. Honestly I did not believe he would oversee content approval to that measure but I figure asking you directly and outright on this thread may cut to the chase and inform me if it actually is the case. I just never figured the head of Epic to be involved to that level. Thank you for your time and you all are doing an excellent job at Epic with the updating and community support.


Collin Bishop

Oh yea, it was awesome!


Ontopic: so… about that cave package :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, Collin!

When I first joined up with Epic in December, yes, Tim Sweeney would be in on every week’s Marketplace content release. I didn’t realize that was the case when I was in the first meeting, so imagine my surprise to see him walk in! Sit up straight, don’t spill coffee, don’t say anything stupid, because I’m sitting across from THE Tim Sweeney! :wink: I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a fanboy moment. So yes, the Marketplace is a very high priority at Epic, and Tim is not the only high-level exec that’s directly involved in the Marketplace that’s reviewing content going into it and establishing the vision moving forward.

In the lead-up to GDC and UE4 going free Epic’s been incredibly busy so not everyone can make every Marketplace content review (one executive review every week, and two team reviews per week) but the Big Guns are definitely involved, paying attention, and are genuinely invested and interested in the Marketplace growing and thriving. It’s really been astounding to join up with Epic and see all of this first hand. I can’t wait to show everyone all the cool things going on in the coming months.

You’re all important. :slight_smile:

Awww yeah Jon Jones. Love all the above. And meeting you in person.

Also, who spread that Tim Sweeney tidbit? :mad:

I have to mention that I would like C++ plugin support in the marketplace.


Thank you for the swift reply. Might be a record for any forum I have been a part of.

haha thanks man, likewise! :slight_smile:

And that’s no bother. I wouldn’t tell people anything I wasn’t allowed to say. I know how this stuff works. :wink:

I’m happy to say that this is planned and in the works! I don’t have an ETA on it, but this is very important to us (and me especially!) and there’s a lot of interest in this. I’ve been building a case for this and lining up potential partners to support this ever since I started at Epic.

Thanks man, I’m happy to oblige! I’m actually pretty amused that me saying that came back that quickly, but mostly I’m glad it wasn’t me saying something dumb or regrettable. :slight_smile:

Hey Jon,

Just wanted to say that my image issue above WAS with the web marketplace. Probably just a glitch I guess. I’ll have a look later and refresh my browser, see if that fixes it. It did seem odd :wink:

Also the preview: Yeah, you could generate a thumbnail image for each fbx asset, a small image for each texture/material etc. Basically let me know exactly what I’m getting art wise. Are the polycounts sane? is the UV layout something I could live with? Are the texture counts OK etc? I say this because I’ve purchased enough assets from various stores to know that for the most part these submissions almost ALWAYS need work. Collisions are off, textures are missing (i.e. you might have normal but not rough/metal), polycounts are ridiculous or whatever.

I guess I’m kind of touchy about it, because a screenshot can look great when its staged and done as a beauty shot. But then putting it in game ends up a pain in the :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! one final note. Models should be setup properly down the +ve X as “front”. I know again you CAN change this in the engine and all. But its just another little bit of work that should be done at the creator end.

Hi Phil! Definitely let me know if you have issues viewing screenshots on the web Marketplace. I’d like to troubleshoot and fix that if so.

Thanks for the feedback! Screenshots are hugely important and I’d like to eventually create a better guide describing what to show, explain, and convey so buyers can make more informed decisions. We’re already catching errors like you mentioned since our internal QA reviews files before the public Trello board, which has been neat.

Interesting! Are incorrectly-oriented assets something you’ve run into a lot with Marketplace content?

Public Trello layout update!

Hi everybody! As promised, we’ve updated the public Trello board layout. Check it out here:

What’s new:

  1. We now have “Next Release” and “Coming Soon” so you actually know what’s coming next week!
  2. All categories now match 1:1 to categories on the Marketplace launcher.
  3. New labels for “Marketplace QA Tested” and “Delayed” to better indicate status. If it’s marked as “Marketplace QA Tested” that means we’ve seen the files, tested for errors, worked with the seller, and made appropriate changes to increase quality. And if I mark anything as Delayed, I’ll add a comment as to why.
  4. All the “In Processing” and waiting for Marketplace cards have been removed because they’re not helpful.
  5. We’ve added a “Pending” list for assets waiting on legal agreements, changes, etc. This list will shrink over time because most of these issues will start getting fixed before reaching the public Trello.

Feedback and suggestions welcome. :slight_smile:

So to clarify, “Next Release” means next week and “Coming Soon” means it’s gone through QA and is ready, but you’re just waiting on an appropriate release week?

Precisely. Since we’ve changed our process to take everything through QA first, we’re keeping the “Coming Soon” section a little fuzzy until we can confidently forecast and fill it. Eventually I would like to have the next two weeks of releases slotted out and locked in.

Well, I bought some of the weapons packs, which were ok, but didn’t match the shootergame setup. Which is probably more shootergame than the weapons pack to be honest.

I’m just thinking the number of times I’ve managed to mess up my own assets by not setting them up on +ve X and realized its the kind of thing that might happen a fair bit, so its important to check (some assets are ok of course, but others need that to be fixed properly).

I’d really like to see a video per submission for anything visual too. Most submissions have been doing that, but in a way I think its a bit of a commitment that should be required for art assets in particular. Show them in an actual level, in scale, used in context. The better art packs do that already, so maybe make it mandatory? It’d actually be really nice if Epic did a beauty shot scene to actually help authors there. Kind of like the one used during the demo of the new landscape stuff at GDC (dunno if you saw that, I watched a video the other day and they showed a blueprint setup that allowed them to show assets off). While we’re at it, having the beauty shot environment able to show off blue guy holding stuff would be useful (i.e. simply attachment for things like weapons so you can see they work in scale). Maybe take one of the Cinematic fighting guys and pose him to hold something in different poses. Add a way to choose what to attach and put him on a turntable, do the same thing for simple static assets (each one can be chosen to go on the turntable). I could see this idea of a beauty shot thing actually making assets at least have some consistency. Have some fixed cameras that capture given angles for the marketplace, plus a 360 spin that can render out to a video for youtube usage.

Of course I know thats a fair bit of work. Just trying to suggest ideas that might make things better for us all really.

Great work Jon! It seems to be easier to follow =)

Spot on. In fact, in the past couple weeks, I’ve sent back several dozen submissions requesting a video to demonstrate the submission. This is for almost all asset types, but at this point, I can’t review Blueprints without a video submission showing the end result, how to configure it, and customization options. Blueprints are very difficult to sell with only a description and screenshots, and a video can only help.

Creating a beauty shot scene is something we’ve been discussing and are interested in, and it’s basically a matter of scheduling time for it at this point. Since GDC and Unreal Engine 4 going free, we’ve had our hands more than full with new submissions and a massive spike in interest, but providing a beauty shot scene and perhaps example assets for staging is something I’m trying to make happen.

Marketplace Seller support email is LIVE!

I’ve been saying this for weeks but it’s finally official – the Marketplace Seller Support email address is LIVE. If you are a current Marketplace seller and you want to update your pack or have questions, the email address is This is for sellers ONLY.

I’ve set up a special screaming notification on my phone and browsers for this email address so any time a seller emails it, I know and will assign someone to your ticket immediately. My goal is to turn around requests in 24 - 48 hours whenever possible, so you know that we’re here to support you at a higher priority level than anything else. If you have questions, content updates, a request to change the text or update a video, that is the email address you need. I’ll email this to all sellers later this week, but you heard it here first!

Note: This is for sellers ONLY. If you are not a seller, your ticket will be immediately closed and you will be referred to the general email address ( for questions. The Marketplace Seller Support email address is for supporting existing Marketplace sellers only so that we can publish updates faster, for you!

Things get a little better every day. I was in a very interesting meeting today showing off upcoming Marketplace features that you’ll all see the results of in the coming months. :slight_smile:

Hey Jon, do I need to send another email to that address or wait for the person who was already helping me? I haven’t heard back in a week about my update. Please let me know, thanks!

Yea, emails are seemingly going into a black hole for me. No reply over 1+week.

Which email ad. are you guys sending stuff to?

Keep in mind that Jon is still finalizing some marketplace stuff.
A new support email is being set up and some other things are getting prepared as well.

Hey Luos, I’ve been in contact with someone from the marketplace team already, but I haven’t heard back in over a week now. Before that last contact it was about three or so weeks that I was trying to get in touch/get my update live. I sent a follow up a few days ago to check if they got it but nothing. I’m inclined to agree with whooosh in that these messages may not be reaching them again. Even the submission form on the website is still hit or miss. Hopefully it gets sorted soon. I’m really eager to get this update out to people, it’s been quite some time. =/