the 'unreal' icon/logo for the beginning of an cinematic?

So what’s the deal with the unreal icon/logo animation i see on some cinematics?

i’d love to incorporate it into my current project. :smiley:

can someone please explain how to add this?


Study the ‘Particle Effects’ project available for free from Epic. The logo animation is in there. It’s just a matter of dissecting the parts and observing how it’s all put together.

I should add that the use of the logo in projects has some terms and conditions attached. I would advise you to look these up.

right on - thanks mate!

You can just add it as a startup movie (in the project settings) :slight_smile:
Here are more information about the logo + the download link: https://www.unrealengine/branding-guidelines-and-trademark-usage

Adding logo is not a difficult task you can try with the animated logo and try to use unique logos.