The Unreal Engine crash after launch (100%)


My Unreal Engine 4 crash just after arriving at 100%,

if anyone could help me. Thank you for your understanding

Hello, if its the first time you run it and this error appears, is because you need a good pc. If the graphics card is too low, Unreal Engine cannot launch.

Hi there,

Is this occurring the first time you try to launch the editor? Is this a new project? Which version of the editor are you attempting to run?

Also could you please provide us with a copy of your DxDialog text file?

To do so, click start and type dxdiag then press enter, then click the Save All Information button, and then attach a copy of it to your post.

This will let us see what hardware and software you have installed, and will help us figure out why this is occurring.

Thank you!

This is the first launch of unreal engine that allows just after creating a new project, it could perhaps come from my pc rotten but I managed very well to turn it before desinistaller (because I had more space on my hard drive but having had a new hard drive, I could reinstall).

PS: I am under unreal engine 4.19

PS 2: When I try to join you the dx diag it says to me: The attachment is not allowed because the file type is invalid