The Unreal Engine C++ Survival Game Course

Learn how to create a fully fledged Survival Game in C++ from an industry professional!

Making your own game is hard. You have to hire 3D artists, designers, programmers, and more. I want to save you the groundwork by giving you all the assets you need, and then using my skills learned from working on real games to show you how to make those assets into a game.

The Course
Once you’ve downloaded the starter project with all the free assets, we start by keeping things simple - creating a character, an interaction system, and other basic features, working our way up into the more advanced features like a networked inventory system.

Difficulty Level
Although knowing some C++ is recommended, this is a follow along course. This means that as long as you follow along you should be able to finish the course. We have an active discord channel for the course should you need support.

Want to see more? Check out the trailer here:

For anyone interested, you can get the course for $25 at

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I am about a third of the way through this course and really loving it.

Two things I like about this course:

  1. The scope of topics covered. You end up with a functional product with nice milestones along the way.
  2. The pace of the tutorial is fast.

With video tutorials you can always pause and slow down a tutorial but often I find myself wanting to speed tutorial videos up.

With this one from [USER=“677608”]Reuben Ward[/USER] you get the information you need without a lot of “fluff”.

After watching Reuben Ward’s free YouTube video on UE4 C++ I could tell I was going to get a lot of information in a short space of time. Which is great.

I just have the tutorial videos in on a second screen in VLC and Alt-Tab between VS & UE4 and VLC to pause the video when I need to.

If you know UE4 a little bit and know C++ coding a little bit then you are likely to get a lot from this course.

Very nice course beginner friendly, explains everything and and has nice pacing

Thanks for the feedback guys! Glad you are enjoying the course.

It is a really informative and beginner friendly course also have a really helpful discord community where you can get more help.

I’m Half way through this course and for a noob to coding I can honestly say this course is the best i’ve ever done. Reuben Support has been nothing but brilliant! He has answered all my questions and got back to my every time I sent him a puzzling question. This guy needs supporting because his teaching/knowledge is superb and you can tell he has passion!

Ok this sounds like a great idea. But what if my interest is in RPGs, does a course like this give me skills that will apply to creating an RPG? Or is there perhaps a different course I should be looking at? Any feedback is appreciated, ive never used unreal engine before and am just excited to get started on something.

Hello, I have just seen your course and this may interest me, is the video and tutorial translatable, because I am French and I do not speak English fluently so I will probably have to go through the use of a translator at times

Thank you Montana, that made my day.

It will teach you a lot more than just Survival Game skills, you will get a good grasp of UE4 in general!

The videos are available to stream or download as MP4. If you have a way of translating either of those then this should work for you. There are not foreign subtitles out of the box though unfortunately. Sorry about that!

Is the tutorial mostly in C++? Are you going also into depth? In the sense of performance, optimization, …
I’ve got one last question please, regarding the inventory system. Is it implemented lightweight, like based on UStruct, UObject, … and not just all Items as Actors like inventory systems mostly found on youtube are?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there! Yup inventory system is not only networked but super lightweight, using UObjects under the hood.

Hey Reuben

is the Course UE5 compatible ?