The Unreal Engine 4 need to inform end user about missing Service pack 1 for Windows 7


same as in topic.

I just shipped a game on UE4, and from that day I read ~100 emails with complaining about crashing engine, just because the end user doesn;t want to read OS reqirement, and doesn’t installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1.
This should be easy to implement, but I don’t have computers without service pack to test it.



I repost what i said in AnwserHub

You should prevent installation of a game if Service Pack 1 is not detected, this is how UE4 solves this problem with itself when you try to install launcher.

You could write code for that in C++. Should not be that hard. You can test that code by running it on virtual machines which have different versions of windows and different SP’s (not) installed.

Running UE4 in a virtual machine might not be optimal, so you could test the code in a separate project first. When it behaves as expected you can plug the code into your UE project.

Or you could perform the tests in the installer which you use to install the game.

Problem is you can’t effect main() from UE4 module and crash can happen before any module is even loaded (i don’t know, somebody need to test that).

He also said in AnwserHub he is using Steam for distribution so he don’t have installer

Perhaps creating a launcher which is not dependend on some SP. The launcher could do the requirement checks. And that launcher launches(duh) the game.