The Unreal Blender [ A Cinematic Short Ad made in UE5]

This was my weekend project done in Unreal Engine 5! Came up with the Script in like 20 mins or so and just dived into the idea!

Blender helped in optimizing, adding few details to the model, and texturing -model as acquired for free from the internet.

Animated and Rendered in UE5 Sequencer.

CC and Text, Music, etc were done in After effects!

I struggled at a few places because of how UE4 vs UE5 worked, so had to go through a few things to understand how to solve those issues. BTW - The last Scene Shadow is completely Fake, I rendered the scene and It was all glitchy and flickery, tried searching for a solution, nada, created the shadow in after effects, and tracked it manually!

Thank you all! Hope you like it !!


A clever way to promote both software :smiley: It’s really a great pub!

Also like the way you play with the words :slight_smile:

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