The unreal 4 leakage problems

Now I found that like other engine leakage problems unreal 4 exist, dynamic light environment which will influence the indoor, whether will shadow bise or dynamic shadow parameters adjustment, can not solve the problem. Want to ask epic developers whether the leakage problems on the roadmap or in the future to solve?

How do your lightmap UVs look like for the meshes?

Those walls are too thin. Increase their thickness until that leakage goes away.

Hi Mango,

As Jack has suggested you’ll want to increase your wall thickness.

Also you may want to lower the Shadow bias a little lower. I’ve made a simple scene setup with the lighting like yours to show you my settings and the results.

Shadow bias set to 0.1
I also adjusted the Shadow Sharpen Filter for a little clarity. The original settings show no issue on my end though.

Since you’re using a dynamic lighting you will have to do a trade off here when setting the shadow bias otherwise you’ll get the artifacts when you turn it too low.


Or just increase the shadowmap resolution! Default is 1024 which is not a lot for something like 3 cascades and higher distance settings. Type in “r.shadow.maxresolution 2048/4096” and that fixes it. Its not related so much to thin walls but to the overall resolution of the cascades. We had this issue even with wall 32 units thick :wink:

Thank you, the problem is solved