The Unexpected Quest

A new review on our game. But in French. I did not understand a word, but I hope Dan Field enjoyed our game! :slight_smile:

A new walkthrough of our game in German.

A journey of hammer, magic, and might continues!

This simple strategy game with management elements, interesting quests, and hidden objects will entertain you for several days. Build things, participate in battles, use magic items, and brew potions. A whole world will open before your eyes… a world on the brink of disaster.

What’s new:

  • Two introductory levels have been added with training and the beginning of the story (takes about 30 minutes to complete).
  • Fixed and changed some mechanics of the game related to objects and crafting.
  • Updated the Unreal Engine and fixed bugs.

**Download Now:

Many thanks to everyone who has played our game and given us feedback about it! We have read everything carefully and will take your words into consideration when doing further development. We would be happy to continue hearing your opinions. What do you like, and what is annoying? What would you like to see in the final version? We look forward to your reviews here, on Facebook, or YouTube.

Now you can find us on GameJolt too:

A new version of The Unexpected Quest available on!

What’s new:

  • New version of Unreal Engine: 4.22.
  • Most of cinematics with sound now.
  • New improvements, bugs and crashes :slight_smile:

Another cool review of our game by Tench Froast (starts art 7:30)! :slight_smile:

Really amazing looking game! Excellent work!

Love the art style! Good stuff

Thanks for your kind words of support! :o We will do our best to make a good game!

Working process :slight_smile:

The Unexpected Quest v.0.2.4 released!

What’s new:

  • Completely redesigned the first two levels.
  • The balance and speed of the characters updated.
  • Small improvements in user interface.
  • And of course new bugs and crashes :slight_smile:

Known issues:

  • The characters collide like billiard balls.

More info and download links can be found on our itch page:
The Unexpected Quest by rionix

Chapter 4. In which we enjoy the mountain air and discover the secrets of an ancient castle. Soon!

[FONT=comic sans ms]Good news, everyone!

We have prepared the fourth chapter for you. In which you enjoy the mountain air and discover the secrets of an ancient castle. We hope you enjoy it!

List of major changes:

  • completely redesigned combat system;
  • added a new fourth chapter;
  • temporarily removed the fifth chapter;
  • new types of items;
  • new specializations for characters;
  • and many other fixes and improvements!

You can download and play The Unexpected Quest here (for free, with no ads or text messages):

After you play, please take the survey. We will be very grateful to you!

Welcome adventurers, to The Unexpected Quest Steam page!

Today we’re happy to announce that the demo of the game is now live on Steam! If you just search for the name of the game, it will appear as a separate page where you can try it out right now for free! The demo includes the first four chapters of the game so you can get a feel for the game without revealing all of the story! The chapters become longer and more intricate as you progress and learn the mechanics of the game! Also we’re enclosing a first screenshot from chapter 3.

We hope you enjoy the demo and look forward to the full game!

Hi adventurers!

Today we’re showcasing a snapshot of a new gameplay feature that appears in chapter 5 and beyond! This footage was recorded especially by the developers with the in-engine camera to show you a different angle of map.

This canon will attack you as soon as you enter its area of effect, so you can’t do anything in that corner until you’ve dealt with it, and for that you need a solder to throw a bomb at it (and you also have to find said bomb!), before you can get your workers in the area safely!


Wishlisted…I did like the visual style and overall identity. Good Job!


Looks great! Very fitting music and soundwork too.