The Ultimate Melee Combat Template

Hi everyone.

I hope you like my melee combat template (blueprints only).

In the meantime you can buy it on:

You’ll get zip file (compatible with UE 4.7). This is a good start for your rpg, action and slasher games.

Sellfy/Gumroad Price: 20$

This is what you get:

  • Free updates
  • Blueprints
  • Health/Damage System
  • Very easy to change enemies and character models.
  • Very easy to change animations, just drag and drop.
  • You can configure different reactions to different attacks (for attack with the sword on the left - one animation, for attack with the

sword on the right - another animation)

  • Simply enemies AI

You can move the weapon socket from the hand to wherever you want.

You can create any enemies you want, zombies, dragons, animals.

Skype - lexdvis7
e-mail -

I would be interested in this :slight_smile:

good:) send me e-mail if you have qestions

Are those animations from Skyrim?

Edit; that’s also orcish set from Skyrim, I hope you don’t include that*

Yes, from skyrim.

of course i don’t include that animations. I made some animations for standart character.

i put this animations just for example

alright, nice work :slight_smile:

thanks:) there are some problems with

They think i sell animations from skyrim, but i don’t.

I made some animations for standart models

Today or tomorrow my accont on sellfy will approve.

This is pretty cool!
And 20$? Yep, it’ll be mine :slight_smile:

Good job mate

Hi! Can you please show video with YOUR custom animations, not the skyrim ones ( I know you don’t sell the Skyrim animations, but I would like to see the content I pay for ). Thank you

It’s now aviable on

wielkiczarnyafgan, Yes i can. I will record video today or tomorrow. But animations is awful:D. I made animations just for exampse, i’m not good animator.

You don’t buy animations, you buy blueprints.

Just a quick FYI, the Mixamo animation pack which is freely available on the marketplace includes attacking and blocking animations, last I checked. It also has some decent characters. Perhaps you could use those, instead.

Anyhow, nice work and very reasonably priced. Would like to see more content like this - at such a price - hitting the marketplace in the future. Keep it up!

Could you please add networking support to make it work for multiplayer? I think alot more people really need that for their project, at least I do! Great work!

set up mixamo character, its very easy to change models and animations. You can easy set up any skeleton, not just standart.


Please be aware that you are NOT allowed to use any of the free content from the marketplace in your own marketplace asset. One can talk with Epic about using 2-3 standard animations from their own pack, but you are not allowed to use mixamo characters / animations or anything else in your own marketplace content!


I think the assets are only for demonstration purposes, he is selling blueprints system after all. Everyone purchasing that will be using their own animations, models and .etc

I don’t sell free content from marketplace or mixamo, i created some animations for standart character.

hi everyone, any news?

Any news for ego perspective?

I have interest in this.
I already have a game production in progress.

My doubts: - I can easily include this within a third-person game already with evolution system, XP, Mana, Health, Stamina and Spell, all aready implemented?

  • And you intends to sell it in the Marketplace using the model that allows to install this package within any project?