The UE5 project screen on my iPhone 13 Pro Max is magnified when I press "Play".

NOTE: I’ve configured UE5 to use my iPhone 13 Pro Max as a “Virtual Camera” in my project using the UnRemote2 app. I’ve also installed the “CamTrackAR” app.

When my project sits idle on the UE5 screen, the screen format is mirrored exactly on the iPhone 13 Pro Max when using the UnRemote2 app. Curiously, I am able to navigate the project scene using my mouse in UE5 which is translated correctly on my iPhone. The movements match.

However, when I press “Play” to start my project in UE5 while using my iPhone as a virtual camera, the screen ratio on the iPhone changes only displaying the upper portion of the UE5 screen. Plus, the “virtual camera” feature using my iPhone does not function. No matter how much I move the iPhone, nothing is mimicked (translated) in UE5 after pressing “Play”.