The UE4 plug-in blueprint node reports an error after it restarts

I am using the plugin from the store about runtime importing FBX files, but when I restart the project, the plugin will report an error, however, I can still find these blueprint nodes and call them successfully, since I am not skilled in using UE4, I need anyone’s help, thank you so much!

this my error shot:


I found that I had caused the problem by rebooting my computer.

This is my current de situation:

New project: Perfect operation of the project.
Reset computer:The project will report an error, and the error will be reported every time the project is restarted.

However, the sample project given by the plug-in author is not affected.
so,I don’t know which step caused the problem.

I have somehow manage to run into the same situation. Did you manage to resolve it?

I ended up fixing the issue by modifying .uplugin file for the plugin that was causing the issue.

I changed LoadingPhase from “Default” to “PreDefault”