The UE C++ Tutorials on YouTube are great, here's some more topics to cover!

I love the UE4 C++ Tutorials on YouTube, the Battery-Game that was covered a few days ago was great and there were many small helpers that Lauren mentioned throughout that helped me understand things I wouldn’t have figured out myself or picked up elsewhere.

Here are a few topics I’d like to see covered in future:

  • Custom Movement Components (From scratch, not building off of one of the existing ones).
  • Thorough Coverage of the ‘Shooter Game’ code. It’s one of the most well-programmed examples yet. Go through each function and explain what it does and why etc, why some are Inline and some are not.
  • Inventory System Perhaps?
  • Workflows, you know what you want to do, what do you integrate first etc? Dealing with issues.
  • Programming a simple custom Plug-In.
  • Level Loading/Management.

The wiki is great, but most of the tutorials aren’t fully explained and just give you source without going through it step-by-step, I find that pretty unhelpful having no prior experience in Coding, but I am learning a lot as I go and making simple games.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! We have logged these, and will add them to our list of potential future tutorials.


+1 for the Level Loading/Management. Another nice addition to that would be a tutorial on creating a menu.