The treatment to Epic Games (Blocking in Russia)

Good afternoon, in the investigation with not professionalism of our state when holding an action for blocking of the messenger called as Telegram under blocking there is a set of other servers (about 20 million) including the Epic Games servers. Some developers can’t still become authorized in Epic Games Launchers, that’s why, I have a request, could your employees provide the list of all servers of the used Epic Gamesto me, that I could provide them to the Internet provider for an unblocking. In advance we will be grateful from Russian-language community.

P.S. I’m sorry if I have posted this post in an inappropriate section.

Same problem in Russia! Epic launcher and site don’t work without vpn services.

thanks for ignoring

Hey there Volchonok,

I’m sorry if you think we’re ignoring you, I can promise you we are not. Allow me some time to partner with teams internally and see what I can do.


good, thx, we are waiting for your reply

I doubt that Epic can do anything to resolve this situation. They are hosted by Amazon and Amazon’s IPs are being blocked. It is unlikely that they are going to switch their hosting provider. Your best solution for now is to use VPN.

Yee i must kinda agree ^^ right now russia is not in any world near a good game dev country. Whatever they are doing its not gonna benefit them.