The Toils of Galeria

Video Teaser:

This is an early teaser of my first VR game currently under development . The Toils of Galeria is an RPG adventure where you will dive into the curious world of the collective unconscious mind to discover interest stories, meet curious creatures, explore a collection of dreams, battle and survive nightmares, and live exciting adventures while you trail your path back to the awake.

There is a lot to be done and everything is very early stage at this point. My idea is to leverage the power of the new dev portal to keep posting to share our progress and create sort of a dev log where I can hopefully get some community insights!

The prologue of the game is schedule to be released by early 2023 on mobile and PC VR platforms.

Kudos to my awesome team, @Helder_Vinicius, Davi and Lucas!
And to wrap up, here are some concept art for the prologue:


Hi there @bpedroza,

That voice acting! Just incredibly done.

I’m obsessed with the carnival and horror combination, even though that bunny at the end gave me the worst kind of creeps. Was the creation of the VR aspect more difficult than the traditional game development?


Hey @PresumptivePanda ! Thank you so much for the feedback!

The actress who plays Galeria is an awesome artist, glad that you notice =D

I’am also a big fan of the carnival theme, so much to explore!! The first dungeon of the game does have a lot of influences from this theme!

As far as VR development, I’ve been doing it for serious games and ad games for a few years now, so I could say that there was a lot of learning along the way.
First is the design approach, there are so many ways to use the tracking, controllers and headset to your advantage and so many ways to think out of the box in terms of design of interactions, movement, UI, Combat, and the list goes on… This makes VR development both challenging and exciting.

Then there is the emerging technology challenges, lack of enough libraries and documentation, constantly release of new hardware and features, sdk changes, performance constrains and QA challanges for instance.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! I hope you can follow our development along here!

Best :wink:

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I’ll for sure be lurking and waiting for your next spooky update! Good luck to you and your team 'til then!

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