The thread of HorusHeretic


Much like in the Book of Eli where a blind guy tries to get to his destination, I am blindly making a game (Hopefully). Things come and go and change, but I venture on, for this is my hobby. For those who have came forth from the Dawn of War modding scene, yes, it is I the very same HorusHeretic. Coder, 3d modeller. “Object editor” pioneer… That was a pain in the butt xD

Everything here is mostly stemming from a learning experience, seeing how people do things vs the way I would do them, and how would I improve it and make it work for my needs. There will be bits and pieces I can probably sell along the way for those interested in my wares.

Now that the little introduction is out the way, I would very much like to show what i have been working on:
Fully coded weapon blueprint (Soon to be on marketplace this month on 23rd)
Dialogue and quest system
Spell system (effects based)
Item and crafting system.

As well as game mechanics there are visual art stuff that isnt too flashy but useful non the less, like texture/material packs i’ve organised.

But for now I will show some of the spell system. Its not very visual at the moment, but quite functional.

**Spell System:

**What it currently does:

Cast spells on self, and target. Touch is there but its really the same mechanic of target, just shorter range.
They are effect based. What this means is that the spell itself isnt really coded to be anything fancy, it has effects that listed in it, and they get called. The effects deal with what they do and then pass it on to what has been casted at. This has benefit of anything “magical” or enchanted to call upon these effects and they will just work. Items can use things like restore health effect below to have potions/ food effects etc.

Current effects:
Damage attribute
Damage health, stamina and magic
Restore Attribute
Restore Health, stamina and magic
Elemental damage
Increase resistances
weaknesses to spelltypes
Spells to affect the carry weight of players/npcs (think burden and feather spells from elder scrolls)
mark and teleport spell

[spoiler]Picture of current effects:


Pic of basically what the spell is:


How the character deals with “spell repercussions”


All these things could happen from one spell :smiley:

Still plenty more effects to add, and will add a video when i get time.

Real Time Strategy framework:

Currently possible:
Select squads of units
Tell them to move somewhere
Reinforce squads
Spawn squads from buildings.

Lots more to work on obviously xD

- YouTube


I like the spell system, seems like its very OO in design. Very useful for further implementation and customization!

Hey HorusHeretic! +1 to Customizable weapons esp futuristic or sci-fi weapons…
I guess you’re going to be pretty busy developing all these at the same time! :slight_smile:

After a bit of early clean up, I’ve put health stamina and magic into “Minor skills”. You can select what to affect on the spell itself which will save a bit of hassle for the spell builder i will eventually add.




Ive also put all the elemental types in with the normal types. Whilst it works, and keeps things more simpler, it does open up the odd notion that non elemental effects such as fortify health (yet to be added) could be fire based (if you select it as a spell type) and as such can be boosted or reduced by fire resistance/weakness.

Effects also now recognise who the caster is, and who is the target. This was added for spells that leach things from the target.

Sand texture pack 01





15 sand 1024* sand textures with height maps in the diffuse alpha channel and normal maps.

If interested you can find the pack here:

Gumroad: Sand texture pack 01

Coding an rts squad selection blueprint(s) and moving the screen with edge detection.

Still some things to work out on the selection thing.

Squads can now be Shift selected and deselected, and move in formations.

Squad spawning test
Buttons are dynamic based on how many units in the building are spawnable.