The Temple's Gate

Hi everyone !

I’m back to show you the new environment i’m working on. I’ll try to feed this thread a bit more than the previous one :smiley:

I’m gonna build a piece of environment from scratch. An old temple’s gate builtin a mountain. I’d like to include some ancient / futuristic contrast to the scene by making some contemporary or futuristic assets. Mainly because i assume this is a very interesting contrast to work on, plus this is a good opportunity for me to do some hard modeling :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of pasting a wall of references pictures, you can go check them right here if you are interested :slight_smile:


I began yesterday by creating two tileable textures for the floor.

The right floor has a pretty simple material, so let’s talk about the left one, much more interesting :smiley: . I need some variations on the floor and a smooth transition between pavement and grass. With this vertex paint setup i can decide wherever the moss/grass will be.

I built this material in order to give me some useful controls over it. I can then tweak the material when needed.

Stay tuned ! :slight_smile:

The material looks interesting, but is it possible to upload a screenshot resolution which is readable? :slight_smile:

Hello community =)

Unit23 you can find a readable picture here =)

Right after my layout, i began very fast sculpting my environment. Way too fast. Actually i lost a week doing **** ><

So i took 2 days to make a concept that will help me building the scene. :slight_smile:

looks really nice ^^ what do you use to create the models/textures?

Thanks you Lawol =)

I use in order :
Sculpt: Zbrush
Retopo : 3D coat
Unwrap : Unfold3D / 3ds max
Baking : XNormal
Texture: Substance Painter / Photoshop

Here is a rock i’ve done today =)

(click to enlarge)

Hello!! here is a big rock i’ve done yesterday =)

I’m still not ok with the moss as it may looks too flat. But i’ts going better =)

Thank You!

Long time no post !
The scene is almost finished, so it’s time to gather some feedbacks !

Looks amazing. Love the texture on the rocks especially the moss effect

It’s already looking quite good (although I really don’t like the chromatic aberration but that’s just personal preference). The composition still feels like it’s missing something, though. Perhaps you could add a cherry tree (or any kind of tree) growing from in between the cracks of the rocks on one side of the path? And then add some falling leaf particles? Maybe also a few flowers in between the grass at the path’s edges to get some more colour in there (personally, I’d probably also make the colour grading more saturated but again, that’s just my personal preference).

Also, this probably this probably doesn’t really fit into your scene but a lot of Chinese temples do have red plaster walls like these: Again, not sure if it fits into your scene but just thought I’d post it in case you can get some inspiration out of it.

This scene is finished !
Thanks you all for your feedbacks ! :slight_smile: