[ The Tech & Person to Advance Photorealistic Rendering at 8K Work w/ Ramesh & Trillion Frames Cam

Hi. After subsurface scattering algorithim, the GPU and companies could now go to dispersion (over the skin with sweat oil and microscopic dirt in it) to liquid and ceramic like bones underneath it. All those photons refraction and reflection with their accompanying illimunation and all that light properties is easier with the help of a trillion frames camera by MIT’s Ramesh. It photography photon at a trillion frams per second.

If you couple that with a powerful microscope perhaps it’ll be easier to see those precise angles of reflection and reflection. Take a look:


Perhaps true dispersion shader can be made.

Their data is open source.

God bless. Proverbs 31

Still so many shortcomings to actually put this to practical use besides the fact that this technique is now nearly 6 years old. Maybe in the future a hybrid method for faster more detailed data capture workflow would be available. But besides that I double guarantee you that the use of such level of detail in photorealism wouldn’t be noticed by the viewer compared to a well done or custom written good skin shader these days with good micro texture workflow. It’s pure overkill and finally there will never be a one click button make it look good shader. The 3d and media world will always be a cheat because it is in its nature to be.
If you had posted this in Vray forums I would give you the benefit of the doubt : ), but in Unreal engine and GPU rending in real time, waaay far from these sort of implementations. Stick to good semi stylization and you have a chance of your artwork not aging in a few years in games.