The Tavern

A management game with a small comical twist

The tavern is a top down management game set in a fantasy/medieval time. You play the role as tavern keeper as your goal is to manage and sustain a flourishing tavern. This involves keeping a balance of customers fighting each other, having a drink stock for each customer type, while trying to keep the popularity high so more higher tier customers will arrive.

Customers fight each other. Customers love their tavern brawls. Doing this they destroy furniture which costs gold to replace. Fighting isn’t just bad though, the losing customers generates tomb stones which increase your reputation and popularity. This attracts higher tier customers, and they in turn buy more expensive drinks.
Player buys staff which helps the tavern. Servants - to serve drinks and clean up vomit, bouncers - to stop fights, grave yard keeper - to collect the tomb stones and deliver them to the graveyard.

Random events can happen which sets back the tavern progress(tavern gets raided by wolves/witches/etc). Similar to the destruction events in Sim City.

All customers will have unique generated profiles(backstorys etc) and generated unique names.

There will be a lore book where all the info about all things involved will be written down and collected as the player progresses. Drinks and customers have their own lore and info etc.

The Tavern has a lot of ideas for both the end game and the game as a whole. Our goal is to make it fun, that’s really our emphasis, but at the same time challenging. Reading about the game’s characters and lore should be fun and inviting, details behind the scenes should be fun, things you stumble upon etc.

There will be a first person mode where you are able to control your tavern keeper and walk around, similar to Dungeon Keepers first person mode. Some interaction in this view mode will be available only then. You will also be able to listen to each room/customer table unique song. Later plans are to support VR in this mode so you can use your Oculus or Vive etc.

The Monolith Burger in Space Quest 3 and Dungeon Keeper.

I’m gonna use this thread to slowly post progress.

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Got any questions? Ask away!

Here’s the BOUNCER, sculpted, not textured.
He will be upgradable in three levels. Each level adding more armor(HP) and weaponry(ATK).