The Targeting System [Support Thread]

The Targeting System is a complete solution for customized, directional targeting in UE4.

Designed from the ground up for ease of use, all of its functionality is detailed in a single, plug and play component.

It uses the AI Perception System to perceive targets, and sorts the targets onto 3 categories:

  • the most ideal actor to target immediately;

  • actors to the left of the targeted actor;

  • and actors to the right of the targeted actor;

thus enabling you to switch targets clockwise and anti-clockwise: to the left and right.

There are several options for customization available to the user and exposed on the instance of the component for easy, quick tweaking, some of which are:

  • Use Actor Rotation/Control Rotation;

  • the margin of error for sorting targets;

  • Use Delta Rotation or Arc-Tan Difference;

  • Auto-Switch Targets;

  • Show Widget For Lock-On;

  • Class To Filter Perceived Actors To;

and so on.

Now on the Unreal Engine Marketplace:[



Now on the Unreal Engine Marketplace:…rgeting-system

The pack is on an incredible sale of 90% off! It’s almost free. Get it now here:

Still on sale. Meanwhile, I’m working on an add-on as a content update for the pack. Stay tuned.

Hi guys. I just signed a UI Artist, and she’s quite the top talent. By November, we’ll begin rolling out Content Updates for The Targeting System (the team working on the updates for The Art of Combat is a different one).
At the moment, we have 10 updates planned. Each of these 10 will contain 5 original, unique UI icons for your “Lock-On” widgets. I’m still debating whether to animate each icon or not, as each icon will contain anywhere from 6 - 20 individual elements. This is a big thank you to our customers, as we’ve had almost 400 sales within the first 14 days of launch.
Thank you.

20 icons are done.


Check it out.

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Remember to reach me on Discord: @Ragnar#9805 if you need any additional help.

You can now ask questions on the product page. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

We’re almost at a thousand sales! Let’s keep going!!