The Tabernacle

Hello everyone! I am currently looking for team members to join me in recreating playable scenes from the Bible. This is not particularly for building a game per say, but more-so for educational purposes. I would like to build a game if possible, but at the moment I am only looking to recreate scenes that have been given through scripture in order to teach. The scenes i am looking to recreate at the moment are, God delivering Israel through the parted red sea by Moses, The Tabernacle and its services, Jesus walking on water with disciples in the boat. I have started on building the tabernacle, and would like character modelers, animators, and level designers to join, as I am trying to learn to do everything myself and it is a very slow process of learning ue4 and implementing. If you are as interested as i am in recreating playable old scenes, stories, and characters from the Bible, by playable scenes from the past of earths history, as well as reading through the Word of God, with experience or without, please msg me. My contact info and pictures below.


skype: soncere
pms is welcome as well.

Here is another picture i forgot to add

Looks amazing, congrats! If I had more experience I would definitely want to help.

why thank you good sir! :slight_smile:

How is your fine project doing? I am interested in using/helping with something like this as I try to build my skills in UE4.
It would be so cool to upload this to a game world where students could explore many things like this.