The system cannot find the batch label specified - ReadyToCompile


I’m trying to generate the VS solution files but GenerateProjectFiles.bat throws the following error:

“The system cannot find the batch label specified - ReadyToCompile”

I’m using Win 8 Pro/VS 2013 Pro and I’ve registered the VS environment vars with VSVARS32.


I am working with Epic on this matter right now, will let you know what we figure out :slight_smile:

We tracked this down to a problem with the line endings in GenerateProjectFiles.bat. The source code zip file generated by GitHub saves text files with Unix-style line endings, which causes problems running the batch file.

We’re working on a proper fix for it, but in the meantime the best workaround would be to follow the instructions for forking your own repository on GitHub instead.

Hope that helps!

Thank you!

This issue should be resolved now. We added a .gitattributes file to GitHub that forces .bat files to retain their Windows-style line endings when source is downloaded from the zip file. Of course, you can always grab the code using a Git client and it will handle line endings correctly already.