The Studio

I’m releasing a game to Steam this Monday, 3/12/2018 called The Studio.

The idea started with me putting together my painting show for the Boulder Open Studio this past October. Being a former VFX artist, I wanted to make a virtual component to the show so I created a 3d replica of my studio with my paintings hanging. I did this so that out of town friends and family could check out my show. When I created the tour though, I decided that I’d make a game portion. Should someone get curious and step outside the studio there was a horror/adventure game. In the few weeks before the show I had created a pretty simple game, using a lot of stuff I had made for other games that I had to abandon at one time or another, or things I created when teaching Game Art.

I decided after the painting show that I would take the game further, and put into it some things i had been exploring around time in video games, and shared memories. I made new environments after testing simpler things I had in my library to build maps. I worked on trying to take my vision of something poetic, a world that someone might enjoy spending some time in using my sense of painting, illustrating and visual effects.

My goal overall has been to make something fun, to make it accessible and to get to the game play pretty quickly. I talk more about the different things I’m trying on my blog :

Also I wanted to add that I’m being pretty cheeky. I set out to infuse a hopefully funny twist into the horror survival type adventure. I try not to say too much about it, because when it happens it’s part of the fun. I know that’s probably unwise on my part, people generally want to know what they’re getting into, but to me it’s like giving spoilers to a novel or a movie, it just kills the fun a bit if you know too much beforehand.

The game can be found at Steam here :