The Stranger VR; an intense sci fi VR game is very close to release

Hello everyone! We are counting days to release The Stranger VR; our Epic Megagrants awarded sci fi shooter game via Steam on September 14th. In short, it’s like Doom in open, vast environments. We really worked hard to have impressive visuals but also maintain a 90 fps gameplay. The limitations in VR really forced us to think in a more creative way to achieve the epic scale of the game’s exotic world. Thanks to incredible profiling tools, we traced every ms/fps killers to their nests and destroyed them:) We may create a detailed article for our workflow in near future.

By the way our cinematic was also created entirely in Unreal. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!

Steam Store:…e_Stranger_VR/

Some images from the project:



Congrats! @Wanderer_eternal Great to see this one finally come out. :slight_smile:

Wow this looks absolutely epic guys.