The Squared Circle - A Stylized Professional Wrestling Game


The Squared Circle is a re-imaging of the old Nintendo 64 game No Mercy. It’s been 15 years since a proper follow up to No Mercy was attempted and I got tired of waiting and decided to do it ourselves. Still the games industry has gone through massive overhauls from 2000 when No Mercy was released and so this project is an attempt to not only recreate No Mercy in Unreal Engine 4 but to update it with all the design mechanics brought forth by games like League of Legends and DOTA 2. No this doesn’t mean we’re making a MOBA. What it means is that players expect to compete in a modern competition based video game and it’s our intent to implement things like permanent account based win-loss records, online match viewing for strangers and friends, complete stat-tracking, an always updating roster, special events, real-money tournaments, and much, much more. Please stay tuned!

I really like the detail you have pulled off here. The materials looks awesome and so do the variations in rings.

JUST UPDATED THE OP with more information about what we’re going for with The Squared Circle.

Thanks for the kind words!

Uploaded initial body build to Sketchfab.


I love wrestling and wrestling games. I look forward to seeing more of this.

Awesome man! We’ll do our best not to disappoint!

Here are our floor mats!

Sweet you got the detail in these spot on. What are your plans for venues? You doing real life ones or custom?

We’re going to make one venue to start that will be an exact clone of the No Mercy stadium. We’ll setup the ring and lighting and then get to incorporating movement, animations, and gameplay. Once we have gameplay to show we’re going to start reaching out to professional wrestlers and independent wrestling companies about letting us their likeness in The Squared Circle to build up legitimacy for the project.

At that point we’ll start to develop a Create-A-Wrestler mode, online gameplay, and an account system. To answer your question specifically though, once all that is done we’ll create new venues inspired, but not licensed, by arenas (and bingo halls and armories) you know and love.

Was having some serious issues with banding on the normal map but this post by the amazing Earthquake helped us tremendously. That man is a gift!

**New Wrestling Ring in progress! This one is meant to be a clone of the ring from No Mercy and the AKI games. **

Looks awesome! NO MERCY! NO MERCY! NO MERCY! :slight_smile: Theres a wrestling project on steam which boasts it’ll be like the old n64 aki games but their taking forever to release anything playable while taking peoples money :confused: hmmmmmm. Will you replicate any of the of aki moves? No mercy is still one of my most played games today, the legends 2 mod is epic! I was tinkering with model rips from the no mercy game itself but after seeing this i ain’t even gonna try :slight_smile:

We’re literally going to try and clone all the AKI animations + add more. :slight_smile:

Solid modeling work, good job!

I LOVE YOU! I can’t wait for this. Are you gonna kickstart this and officially release it through steam or is this purely a for the community game?

We’re going to do a Kickstarter once we have a playable build with all the gameplay and animations sorted out for one wrestler to act as a proof of concept to all those people burned by Pro-Wrestling X. It will act as a vertical slice so that players can see for themselves that the game feels and plays exactly like a modern take on No Mercy. Too many people have been chasing that ghost that fans are more than a little skeptical in my opinion about how that’s going to end up turning out. To remedy that it’s just better to showcase something real.

The Kickstater will pay for the completion of all the animations and to incorporate new modes and gameplay flourishes that we’ve been brainstorming. The long-term goal is to inspire competitive communities like Dota 2, League of Legends, Smash Brothers, and Street Fighter IV where we cultivate a new community of wrestling fans who play the game as an e-sport and as pro-gamers. In time we hope The Squared Circle will supplant No Mercy as the de facto best wrestling game ever made.

Our long-term plan is no sequels. Just one game that we can support for years on end with new content and gameplay opportunities.

Im a sick wrestling game fan, I’d seriously give this one a try. 2k took a dump on the last wwe game.

Don’t even tell me about it man. That game was SUCH a letdown. :frowning:

Getting the apron right has been a major pain in my butt. Any feedback on how it looks?

Have you guys had a look at the Dynamic Rope plugin that was recently added to the forums? Could be a huge help getting the ropes to be springy enough :slight_smile: