The Spell Casting System in the Marketplace

Hello Community,

UPDATE 1st October 2016 : Updated Version compatible with 4.10 up to 4.13 available at at discounted price!

I have been informed by Epic Marketplace team that the Update is now live on the marketplace. Remember, there has been a LOT of changes, so don’t just go overwriting all the old spell systems files.
There are LOT of the same functions, but the core of the system has been rewritten from scratch.

The system is now a component, so minimal setup, just add the component to your selected character pawn bp, then use can use the 2 Global Macros to setup bindings to most of the core functions via 2 nodes. ofc you can access all the functions yourself as well, the macro is there just to help you get started

I am the creator of the spell casting system, and I have received numerous emails, Asking what the system actually does, and if it works for mobile, and what kind of spells can be created etc. so I’d like to clarify these things and have an official topic where people could post anything related to the system (questions, bugs, requests for future updates, tutorial requests etc.)
If you have bought the system it would be cool and helpful if you would rate/comment on the marketplace website : Here!


a small tutorial series is up:
It shows how to create damage/ healing spells, handle mana, heals over time, and damage over time.
Part 1: Spell System Tutorial Part 1: Dealing with mana. - YouTube
Part 2:
Part 2.5: Spell System Tutorial Part 2.5: mini Spell Type usage - YouTube
Part 3: Spell System Tutorial Part 3: Dots Hots and Instant spells - YouTube

System usage gallery:

If anyone who has bought the system can confirm that it indeed works on mobile that would be great (I could only test it in the mobile preview as my phones GPU isn’t supported)

Also if you do buy the system, I am more than happy to help with implementation and help you understand how the system works so that you can make a full use of it.

A stand alone system that can be added to any pawn, allows creation of basic spells/abilities,
adding these spells/abilities to the pawn spell book, allowing the pawn to select an active spell/ability and to conjure/activate it. each pawn spawns its own instance of the system so that
each can have access to different spells/abilities. Spells/Abilities are divided into a blueprint and
data component where the blueprint component represents the look and the behaviour and the data component holds the name, description, cast time,
power, type, school etc. there is a spell/Ability datatable that holds the data of all spells/abilities, and each spell/ability system has its own “spellbook”
which are the spells/abilities available, spells/abilities
are added from the spell/ability database to the pawns spellbook using a simple function.
A target actor can be speficied when casting, if target isn’t
specified the spell/ability travels in a straight line from the Caster actor (or how ever programmed), The system was
tested with the Top Down, FIrst Person, and the Third Person templates.

Because each spell/ability is a separate blueprint, you could program its logic to do anything you may need

The asset packs comes with 2 sample spells/ability (fireball),(HealingBall) you need to provide your own particle systems/meshes/animations/sounds for your spells.

There is an optional hud that can be disabled with just few clicks.
this hud contains information about currently selected spells/abilities, action bar that can be binded with a single function, spell cast progress bar. and a spellbook which shows available spells/abilities and lets you drag and drop onto the action bar.

Any questions, bug reports or anything at all, feel free to write here, or send me PM, or contact me by email address (, skype (Sarr_50) or steam (sarr_50), and I will try to reply within 24h.

!!! Just a little update, there is a new version of the implementation tutorial which is more detailed. Spell Cast System Tutorial - YouTube !!!

Q: How can I detect if the player has enough mana to make a cast before casting a spell?
A: there is a function designed to help you with this

Q: How do I cast a specific spell instead of having to use select next and select previous.
A: Set the current spell variable in the function call when casting a spell.

Update Log Spell System 1.1v:
-Spells have caster variable so they can access who has casted them.
-Spell have icons (for umg/hud handling)
-The system will be multiplayer compatible
-Functions to get all spells of certain school, type, or search by name (trough both the spell database, and the character spell book)
-function to get last casted spell
-each spell can have its own cast position offset
-each spell can have special spell effect compatible with the upcoming Character Attribute System
-Supports release when the cast button is released (you can hold casted spells until you release the button)
-Ability to cancel spell casts.
-some minor bug fixes

Update Log Spell System 1.6v (1st October 2016):
-Simple component to be added to any pawn (yes system is now a component, no more manually spawning it as a child actor)
-2 Macro functions to help you get started within minutes
-Create your own spells/abilities.
-Select and cast abilities/spells.
-Spell book for each pawn.
-Cooldown system.
-Effects system (spells/abilities can apply “effects” such as damage over time in form of a burn, or a heal over time etc.)
-Specify your own animations per spell and which mesh to animate.
-Basic Targeting (target actor can be specified).
-Each spell/ability can have its own unique logic/behaviour.
-HUD showing Current Spell, action bar with 10 slots, cast progress bar as well as a spellbook showing spell informations and letting you drag spells onto the action bar.
-System is multiplayer ready out of box, core functions are forced to execute on server and replicate results to the client.
-Comes with a demo
-sample spells that use the unreal damage system