The sounds in Shooter Game

Hello everyone!!! Downloaded Shooter Game example understand what and how before writing their project. I have a questions, how and where to insert sounds at the time of death of the player, and its revival at the end of the battle? Insert into animation is not option because different players should have a specific sound

Do you have any function or event already that plays when your character dies or gets revived? If so you could just tack on a
or a

plays the death animation and the camera switches from first person to third , shooter game downloaded from the launcher for example There entire code is written in C++ and can’t understand how to implement , I tried to write PlaySound(Game/Audio/Voice/death.death); that does not happen

ShooterGame is fully C++ so you’ll have to learn a bit of C++ in order to make it work. It’s also Multiplayer which makes it harder.

I haven’t got it in front of me right now to look, but I may be able to tomorrow.

Maybe there’s some kind of literature on C++ suitable for writing code for the engine, but I C not really familiar , previously with Unity only worked on java script