The Sound of the Spheres (music pack)

Hey Guys,
I submitted a syfy game music pack a few days ago to Unreal Marketplace. Its title is, “The Sound of the Spheres”. Write your opinion on comment!
(Of course, the original version doesn’t include the annoying noise.)

The Sound of the Spheres_mini.png

The Sound of the Spheres: Short Description
It’s a music pack for Syfy or cyberpunk games. It includes 13 audio cues with separately endings.
The Sound of the Spheres: Long Description
Every loop has two versions. (Except the Epic Loops, it divided into three parts, and except Emotional and the Drumloop. ) One version is louder, and has more instruments, one version is quieter. This will help for you increase and decrease the tension during the gameplay.
Epic loop has three parts, an intro loop, a middle loop, and a “high tension” version. This necessary, because I don’t know, what lenght your epic or important scene in your video game. Every part is loopable. This might be helpful, when your epic/important scene’s (or your transition video) lenght is not the same lenght, like my track’s footage.
Action loops are simple fight scene loops. Boss fight loops are more monumental and epic than Action loops.
As you see, I created endings for all of the tracks, so you can close the music with this. And finally you get a simple dumloops.

13 audio tracks
13 audio cues
Sample rate/ bit rate : 44.1 kHz/ 16bit

All Action loop’s BPM is: 135
Action_Loop01: 01:39
Action_Loop02: 01:39
Action_Ending: 00:05

All Bossfight loop’s BPM is: 135

Drumloop’s BPM is: 135
Drumloop: 00:13

Emotional Scene’s BPM is: 75
Emotional_Scene_Loop: 01:21
Emotional_Ending: 00:07

Epic Intro’s BPM is: 110
Epic_Intro_Loop: 00:34
Epic_Middle_Loop: 00:17
Epic_Higher_Tension_Loop: 00:34
Epic_Ending: 00:07

8:56 minutes
Intended Platforms: All

I hope you’ll like it! :slight_smile:

It will be available on Unreal Marketplace! :slight_smile: