The Solus Project Series 3 tutorials - 2 more hours

Hi all,

I finally got around to doing a third set of The Solus Project videos. Videos aside we also just put up the Steam page, and Steam community page, along with some new screenshots:

These 2 free videos, almost 2 hours in total, go through:

Part 1:

  • C++ variables in BP
  • Timers and limiting Tick
  • Light ranges via BP
  • Smoke monster setup
  • Menu setup and options menu
  • Localization

Part 2:

  • Level overview. 10 levels with 10 000 actors per level about. All hand placed
  • Lava effect
  • Indirect lighting on dynamic actors
  • Light settings
  • Translucent lighting tip
  • Simple roughness trick
  • Level occlusion and performance
  • Prometheus style scanning drone material and effect
  • Wetness effect on the camera using post processing instead of particles

Almost 2 hours of information on how I set up TSP. The goal with these videos as always is to give an insight into how I set up a large UE4 project that has been in production for over two years and is soon launching on Xbox and Steam.

The videos like before don’t explain exactly how I made things, but give an idea of the approach I took to solve technical challenges. The type of solutions possible in UE4. The kind of tricks you can pull off. But also the things I pay attention to, often technical details few people know about and things that are often not documented or discussed anywhere.

Like before, all of my Solus videos are available here: – The Solus Project

Have fun.

Ah yes the project with the bad voiced trailer and the weird gameplay :smiley:
Everyone would totaly eat a dead bush from the ground on an unknown planet :smiley:

lets see where it leads

Well. Using articy means you are from germany? We difinitly have a connection know :smiley:

Nope Belgian Dutch Swedish something, but I met the Articy guys a few times hence the connection :slight_smile:

We have replaced the voice acting now with a female HEV suit voice that only says the bare essentials + a new voice actor is handling “summary talks” at the end of each level as a type of narrative voice over. So we are trying that approach.

You also don’t eat dead bushes, the bushes you use for fire :slight_smile:
But eating alien vegetables, yeah totally. First thing I’d think of on an alien planet :slight_smile:

If we got time left we might add a scan mode, so you must always first scan new objects before you can pick them up. That would explain the eating bit.

OMG! The first set was amazing and I manage to do a lot with UE4 thanks to ya’

I’ll keep up with your new set, thank you mate! You kickass!

Thanks for the videos, as usual they are very informative. Edit: Informative is a big understatement. These are *packed *with info!

Editor Preferences >> Miscellaneous >> Performance Tab

Small world, I watched your Swedish Games Awards presentation video a while back, as well as your prison level.

It Be Nice If…

Greetings Hourences!

Great stuff!!! :smiley:

Will any or all of your game work contente be able to buy in future at the Unreal Marketplace? :smiley: