The Software is very unstable.

The Software is very unstable. Closes all the time, especially when I click on “Build” and some other functions. All the time.
What can be done to fix it?

The previous versions was better talking about instability.

You are very unprecise.

Can you provide informations?
Your system specs and how big the World is you are building. Or how long you work with ue4 yet

I have worked with UE3 a few years. Differently, i´m still learning UE4, have passed just 1 month.

My world is empty, just with the default floor.

I have a Dell Notebook. Intel Core I7. 16 GB memory. CPU 2GHZ 2.60 GHZ

The software closes when i put for exemple a fire particle in the scene and try to move it, other exemple is when i click on the “Build” button, then the software crashes. Why? Wish i knew!

Which version of the engine are you using? You should attach your crash logs in a .txt file.

Simply closes without showing any error window, so i can´t send even a single crash log.

I´m using the version 4.10.0.

hmm Google

Thank you Luftbauch, but i wouldn´t have created this post here if i hadn´t looked on google.

I tried many ways to find anyone with the same case as mine.

But i apprecited the help.

Even though you have a decent laptop i can tell you, your graphics card doesn’t meet the minimum specs. It’s an Intel HD Graphics 5500 right ?

Thats irrelevant in this case. His graphic card is lightly slower then mine but he has the Ram wich is needed. It should work.

What OS do you use and have you tried reinstall?

Not really irrelevant at all. My laptop is much weaker laptop than his an i5 with 8 gb but i have a much better gfx a 980 and i hardly crash. My work laptop is a, i5 8gb, intel hd machine and it runs but it runs like molasses and it crashes far more.

It’s not just a single piece of hardware that matters it’s the entire thing in relation to one another. If its bottlenecking from the gpu there’s not much you can do outside of getting a new laptop.

Mine is 4510.

I suppose the “architecture” of the laptop is not strong enough to run properly the engine. I don´t know.

You say that yet most of the users that test my products and having problems usually running under Intel graphics whether its the high end or borderline. I can go as far as to admit that is the primary problem when users tell me their game is crashing. I just don’t think UE4 is optimized correctly for Intel graphics.

I hope they fix this problem in the next update. =(