The Skorne Mod

A mod designed to reduce the grind of normal Ark, rebalance and stat all creatures on the island, and rebalance and stat all weapons & armor.
Most likely will attempt to add new content once I’m more comfortable with modding Ark.

Changes Herb Dinos to be much more efficient and effective/useful. Can sprint long distances and have high carrying weight.

Changes Carn Dinos to be more specialized,overall nerfed.
Fast but short sprints. Not as much weight carrying. Fast walking speed.

Cloth armor has better insulation & armor. Designed for heat.

Hide armor has better insulation & armor. Designed for all around, moreso cold.

Fur armor weighs a lot less, has more hypo insulation, and does not require metal.

Ghillie armor is the opposite of fur.

Chitin armor was buffed quite a bit, the armor value was doubled,and the durability was quadrupled, Insulation was slightly buffed and given to both types.

Metal armor now weighs a lot and provides no insulation, but is extremely armored and durable.

Spear throws do more damage.
Pikes have a little more reach, have decent damage.
Swords have short reach, but do great damage!
All bows can be equipped faster than guns.
Compound bow is now an actual useful weapon! Reduced camera shake, and increased projectile speed and damage.
Guns are a bit more specialized, and require a little more to craft, but dont break as easily.
Silenced Guns do reduced damage, but are slightly more accurate.
Ammo for guns is near instant craft,and require a lot less resources.

Almost all wood and lower-tier engrams will cost less to create. This allows new or small tribes to maintain themselves.
All furniture/Extra engrams of little use will cost almost nothing to learn and/or craft.
Smithy and Fabricator are custom listed, this means it will take time to convert everything on them over to the mod.(So far the Smithy is pretty much done)

All buildings will be able to take damage from (nearly) everything. Building a higher tier will roughly buff the health on the structure about 3x.
Living in a world where you have 50 dinosaurs and an unstoppable metal base with no threat but explosives is kinda lame.

All dinos, including WILD DINOS, gain speed per level now(albiet small,but it adds up). Try to tame a higher wild dino for the best results!
All saddles of Dinos will start at a base of 10 armor, and all saddles can be learned by level 40 and require less resources overall.
Taming doesnt take half your lifetime anymore!
Boss Dinos will be coming in the future, and will specifically seek and target players. Time to base defend!

Per Dino Changes(roughly, but theyre more vast than stated here)
Ankylo - Tanky, Good damage, Good Carrying weight
Ants - Melee was nerfed, stats per level were nerfed.
Argents - Spawn rate nerfed near mountains. Fast default flying speed. Good carrying weight.
Bats - Nerfed.
Bigfoot(Giganthopithathingy) - A great mount, great damage, only fallback is carry weight, and even that’s good
Boa(Snake) - Overall nerfed. Less stats per level.
Carno - Great walking speed, Fast sprint that drains stamina at a fast pace. Headbutt knocks enemies away, bite does more damage.
Compy - Nerfed. Gang buffs nerfed.
Dilo - Speed was roughly doubled. These buggers are great for mobbing.
Dimorph - Nerfed.
Dodo - Buffed, can have gangs up to 50. Can move while attacking. Zerg.
Doedic - Can SAWNIK with right click, aka the roll speed was heavily increased.
Dolphin - Buffed, can have gangs. REALLY fast.
Dragon - These guys are the old Giganotos. They fly around near mountain tops. At any level, they have the same stats. They have an extremely high aggro range, you’ve been warned. Once damaged, they wont regen Health for 30 seconds.
Giganoto - Nerfed to be a normal Dino, and by normal, I mean slightly weaker than a T-rex. Size was decreased to be only slightly bigger than a Rex. Bite does less than a Rex. Faster overall than a Rex. EXTREMELY good walking speed. Good sprint speed.
Penguin(Kairuku) - Torpedoes of the waters.
Mammoth - Tanky great mounts able to gather large quantities of wood and resources. Great carrying weight. Great mate boost. Slightly slower.
Megalodon - The ocean isnt safe anymore. These guys got a huge speed increase. Still nothing compares to the Dolphins.
Monkey - Still a monkey.
Pachy - Much faster sprinting speed, charging speed. Decent weight carrying.
Paracer - Faster Mammoths with slightly less everything else.
Parasaur - Motorcycles of the Jungle. These guys can sprint a long time at a great speed! Also can attack while moving.
Pig(Phiomia) - Cargo trucks of the Jungle. These guys can sprint a VERY long time at a very good speed. They can carry a LOT of stuff, and can attack while moving. They also can spawn on beaches now.
Piranha - Overall nerfed.
Ptero - Jets. They’re Jets now.
Rafts(Yes, I’m classifying this as a Dino) - They’re more than twice the original speed they had. Weigh a ton, but give tons of XP when crafted.
Raptor - Very good jump height and actually gain speed when jumping. Can sprint EXTREMELY fast for a very good distance. Very fast walking speed. Nerfed Health. Can have Gangs. Beware these guys in the wild.
Rex - Jurassic park noises. Returns to top tier creature of the island. Fast but limited Sprint. Great walking speed. Second highest damage in the game.
Saber(Cat) - These guys like to skate around at fast speeds. They’re more specialized raptors, easily the fastest sprinting animal on the land.
Sarco(Gator) - Extremely slow walking speed. Great damage. Sprint at EXTREMELY fast speeds, but VERY short distances.
Sauro(Bronto) - Buffed. Also buffed. These guys can move a bit faster, their attacks have a little less range, but they hit harder than anything else on the land(Yes, even the Rex). Can carry the world on it’s back. Great mate boost.
Scorpion - Buffed. These guys can move AND attack. These are the GO-KARTS of the jungle, can climb nearly 60 degree walls, swim great, and sprint good.
Spino - It’s a dog. Really good walking speed.
Stag(Deer) - A great long distance mount that can carry a lot of weight. Jump height increased but jump speed decreased.
Stego - These guys hit like a truck, third best damage in the game. They can carry a ton too.
Toad(Frog) - The sprint doesnt do much, but their natural walking speed is nothing to scoff at.
Trike - These guys finally have some love. They move fast, they can carry a lot, they can attack while moving. They also have a charge ability now! Fear the Trikes, as a pack of them get a nasty boost.
Turtle - Sped up, have mountains of carry weight and hp. They also swim a LOT faster(Why can a tortoise swim?)
Wolf - Think cat, but slower and longer sprinting.