The Sitting Animation Pack…animation-pack

Animation Pack Containing many sitting animations
each sit pose will have
-move from stand to sit
-main loop

Blend Animations together!

Is there any features or poses that anyone would like to see added to this pack?

These look pretty good (though, of course, I’d need to see them in motion to assess them properly). Would be cool to also get look/aim offsets. Like, if a character turns their head to look behind them while sitting or turns to the side to see what’s going on next to them, that sort of thing. Maybe you could even do one version with a backrest (where the character puts their arm on the backrest when they turn around) and one without? Some animations where the character has their hands resting on a table could be useful, as well.

Looking very cool. :slight_smile: Sitting and resting on bed would be one very nice addition.

Nice work, I’d pick this up.

Make sure to include aim spaces and its a must-buy.

I will add a few that use the backrest and table

Actually want to do a pack that is focused on bed and ground laying animations

Will defiantly be adding aim spaces for all of the key poses

Bed focused pack would be much fun. Having clinic featured in my game. Of course if it would included some injured animation and maybe even healing, that would be too great. But any anim packs are more than welcome. :slight_smile:

Been a while since I’ve posed on here, so its time for a bit of an update.

I a close to having the pack ready to submit
the pack has almost 400 animation files though a lot of them are poses for Aim spaces
right now it has around 30 key poses with a stand - sit, sitting loop, sitting aims pace and sit - stand animation for the most of them

additional animations for the hand resting on lap pose

  • moving to the side while sitting and sitting down from different facing direction

The main animation blueprint used can blend the multiple parts of the body the other main loops as well as set how much hand low long it takes for the blend
I will have some video samples up soon

Pack is almost ready

Submitted, now the long game of waiting.

Still have no idea if this have been approved or not

hi!, Any idea of price?
Wish you luck with the submittion process!

Finally been approved

pack will be $35

I wonder if you would consider doing anims for picking up and holding a box. Pick up, down, idle, walk, jump maybe?

similar to the 15:00 mark

Pack is finally up on the marketplace.

If you end up updating the pack, will you include seated turn animations (like, if the character is sitting on a stool without arm- or backrests and then turns 90° or 45° or sth on the stool while seated)? I wish I’d thought of this in my first post but it only just occured to me now.

you are in luck. the basic chair seated pose has turning as well as moving animations already in the pack.

On sale for the next week. 30% off