The site search feature could use some improvements

Seriously, the search feature makes me feel I’m using a search engine in the 90’s because the results are often all over the place. A few problems:

  • Adding more search terms to narrow a search has the opposite effect and actually widens the results to any page that contains any of the terms.
  • Search will return lots of AnswerHub results that contain the search terms in the “related questions” column instead of the post that actually contains the terms.
  • There are also lots of results from AnswerHub’s “questions in topic” section. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if the link contained the terms you actually searched for, but since those are dynamic the actual page is often completely different than it was when it was indexed, often leading you to a dead end.
  • Search will find terms inside text attachments to AnserHub posts, but it’s impossible to find the posts those attachments belong to. This makes it very hard to search for error messages that show up in call stacks and log files, because often those are posted in attachments, so you know someone got the same problem as you, but you cannot find the post about it.