The Shuttle - A short Cinematic Scene inspired (Cel-Shaded Art Style)

Hey everyone,
This is my first… anything in Unreal. I’ve only just started learning the engine and I’m loving it so far. This is a short little cinematic scene called ‘The Shuttle’ inspired by an amazing French artist who went by the pseudonym of Moebius.

A couple of notes that I explain in the video:

  • I apologize for the wonky/rough animation, most of it is only in a block out state… why? Games. I know myself so I would have forgotten about this project after the tenth hour into Ni No Kuni II or after reloading my gun in Far Cry 5. I wasn’t ever going to release this as it was purely meant for me while learning and figuring out the engine but my friends encouraged me to do so… again sorry for the animations - I’ve got an awesome plan for my next scene and it WILL have much better animations.
  • This was my first time ever modelling a humanoid from scratch and also rigging one so that was an experience to say the least. I learnt a ■■■■ ton though!
  • Post process effects are freaking amazing.

With all that said, thanks for checking this out, I’ve attached a few stills too. But if you watch the video I do give a full tour of the scene in the editor so you can see it running in real time in the engine.

I look forward to sharing my next scene with you all!