The Shrine

this is progress on personal project, not sure where was previous post went but this the progress, will replace anymore assets and add addtional assets. then i will add some more widgets


Hey @Neihc, this is quite the landscape/building layout you have going on here. Are you working on an environmental scene, or is this one of many levels of a game you’re creating?

it’s for a game, just doing for fun

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some progress of the Shrine, some extra assets added and some materials, more progress later to share


Hey there @Neihc,

Hope you’re doing great! You’ve done a marvelous job so far and it looks like this scene will shape but to be a terrific environment once completed.

What sort of game will this be?

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hi @PresumptivePanda

this game would be Single Player, very simple game, get from one point to next and achieve objective by searching places in the game. will share more progress

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so i managed to find time to continue progress on The Shrine and make the materials, there is still alot of work to do but i try my best to complete the basics.


You’re making significant progress, and The Shrine looks terrific! Keep up the great work. :grin: