The Shire - Unreal edition

Hi all!

Here is something I`ve been working on for a couple of weeks. Its The Shire from The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit films.

I did not make the Bag End and the Green Dragon Inn model, but all other models and landscape creations are made by me, using Auto Landscape Material (LAM) from the Marketplace. Model-textures is not done yet. I did the postprocessing on the last images. Hope you like it!


Nice, any change of making a demo available? Would love to see this on a Rift.

It looks great Frequia, great job again :).

Thanks :slight_smile: I have no experience with VR what so ever and I dont know how to export the level as an .exe, so that might be difficult.

Good start, keep up…and for the .exe tip", well, just read the docs :wink:

Man. This is Really Something. hahaha Good work! :slight_smile:

Thanks WhiteDog :slight_smile:

Now I have “Concerning Hobbits” song in my head, this is great! :stuck_out_tongue:
Very pretty!

cool, looks great, well done :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words all :slight_smile: @Grogger, I actually called the studio in NewZealand to ask if I could use the track, but they didnt licenced the music from those films for this purpose.

What did you use for the water material, or did you make it yourself? I’m having trouble finding good examples to learn from.

This is done with the Landscape Auto Material pack from VEA Games on the Marketplace. I tweaked the watermaterial to make it look as realistic as possible. The first shot with water is with post-processing.

Great job ! But how can you using this package (Landscape Auto Material) and don’t see your performances falling ?

Thank you :slight_smile: I dont use UE4 for gamedevelopement, I use it for VFX and simulations. The performance on LAM is actually very good on my laptop. Of course it have minor impact, but for personal use I really care about realism and correct recreating. This level is created exactly as is is in the films.

Nice! Do you plan to make an LoTR fan game based on these? Or are they remaining scenes for now?

Thanks :slight_smile: No, this project is finished. Im working on other naturesimulations now.