the shadows of my 3d models are ugly / help !! / i use Cinema4D.

For months I try to solve my problem, the shadows of my 3d models are ugly or not full!

I know I have to adjust UE2 I think. but I have Cinema4D and I can not find how to do!

if you could explain with mere words, I have trouble with English, I am French.

thank you very much !

If this is baked lighting, then the shadow quality of the table would depend on the lightmap resolution of the surface the shadow is being cast on. So for instance if that floor has a lightmap res of 64, you might have to bump it up to 128 to get better baked results.

Simply increase the lightmap resolution of your ground and change the build lighting level to production…

Thank you !
I was on that I had missed my UV cinema 4d, it was just made in the resolution that was not great.

(test room )
I have a last question,

I just realized that when I turn the camera horizontally in my game that make shift on the image.

vsync? how to do ?