The Seven Spells Of Destruction

Here are some screenshots from my work in progress, an open world single player roleplaying game based on a web based roleplayer i created over a decade ago.

I am mostly using creative commons artwork and sound, apart from a few elements i’ve paid for where i didn’t find very good versions of what i wanted.

This game is written partly in C++ and partly in Blueprint under UE 4.10.

So far I have implemented the terrain, sword/axe combat, enemy/NPC AI, navigation and equipping of weapons and shields, plus menus, level streaming, etc. Next on my list is to create an inventory system and speech trees.

There is no firm release date for this project.

Comments welcome!

Looks like a good start! Keep at it, there’s never a shortage of demand for third person RPGs!

Thanks! There is lots to do yet, I will try and keep this thread updated…