The SetActorLocationandRotation result not equals with after called GetActorLocation

the SetActorLocationandRotation result not equals with after called GetActorLocation, like in the image below
the yellow part is what I makevector and send to SetActorLocationandRotation ,
the pink part is what I get from GetActorLocation

what is the problem?

I don’t see the problem here, everything works as it should. It’s funny how small things can sometimes mess things up. Anyways, when you pass over the value from Make Vector over to NewLocation on the node and then print you the value, it isn’t the same value you passed on, it does generate a new one. What you need to do is simply assign the vector from Make Vector as variable and then print it out.

Something like this:

problem solved.
I am doing some work to make a staticmesh to do three things:
1 take random position
2 while looking at the red point on the floor
3 shoot a projectile to the red point

here is my bp, any suggestions? cause I am not sure whether it’s working correctly.
how can I draw a trajectory after the projectile, I think this should help analyse it visually.