The secret effect no one is talking about it's hidden logic

Yes hello, i was thinking about this effect where when player kills any monster , the experience is following him until reach him,

so behind this can any mastermind help here ?

i mean look at this answer here from AI

1. Enemy Death Event:

  • In your Enemy Blueprint (or wherever you handle enemy death logic), create an event triggered when the enemy dies (e.g., “OnDeath”).

2. Spawn Experience Orb:

  • Within the “OnDeath” event, use the “Spawn Actor from Class” node to spawn an actor representing the experience orb.
  • Set the “Class” input of the node to your Experience Orb Blueprint (assuming you’ve created one).

3. Orb Movement and Collection:

  • In your Experience Orb Blueprint, define the orb’s behavior:
    • Movement: Implement logic for the orb to move towards the player character. You can use the “Get Player Controller” and “Get Pawn” nodes to get the player’s location and move the orb towards it.
    • Collection: Create a collision sphere around the orb. When the player character overlaps with the sphere (use “On Component Begin Overlap”), trigger an event to:
      • Increase the player’s experience points (stored in a variable or retrieved from a Player State).
      • Destroy the experience orb actor.

4. Visual Effects:

  • In your Experience Orb Blueprint, add visual effects to represent the orb:
    • Use a particle system to create a shimmering or glowing orb effect.
    • Optionally, play a sound effect when the orb spawns or is collected.


Assuming spawing this actor from class that can be a blueprint and inside this blueprint the spawn emitter that follow player transform ?

Hey @Ninja699669,

So far the logic seems sound for planning purposes. Are you having trouble implementing this or are you just confirming that the answer you received when asking an AI (ChatGPT or similar) is the correct course of action?

Any additional specifics may go a long way in solving your problem.

It is just like : Can that be done with blueprint ? or only c++ ? As far as i know never seen games implementing this, and this is where comes the question, why don’t new games make it it is just because its very hard or its because no one uses that effect anymore

Hey @Ninja699669!

All of this can most definitely be done with either blueprint or C++, it just depends on your preference. It just depends on the elements you want to add and the style you are going for. For example, you will need to spawn your orb blueprints when the on death event is called and the orb blueprint will need to handle the rest of the logic paired with some blueprint communication, preferably through a blueprint interface, to transfer the experience value to the player on collision.

Let me know if that was the solution you were looking for!