The Seat of Wisdom - Finished Unreal Scene

Hey everyone!
First post in here because this is kinda the first 3D thing I have done worth showing since I primarily work in 2D. You can find my work on my artstation, my website or if you are interested in connecting add me on facebook

For the last couple of months I have been taking Dan McGowans’ Robotpencil mentorship in 3D Environment Design. I went into it knowing basically nothing about 3D, maybe 20% of the terms used, and barely knowing my way around zBrush and Maya. From there Dan - I’m not going to say nurtured, because thats too gentle of a word… - kicked my *** until I managed to produce this.

All in all I am fairly happy with it.Theres still tonnes of things I would like to change, but its time to let this one lie and move onto the next one. But I would be thoroughly pleased if all of you here could tear it to shreds so I know what to improve and focus on next time.

Always open to critiques. I am starting work on an exterior environment and will post my progress in a different thread, since I will probably need a whole lot of help with it :slight_smile:

Wow, this looks awesome! (: For the fact that you stepped into a new field with 3D, it looks really good! Wish i could do this >.<

PS: And welcome to the forum!

some good work here… but most of the objects… don’t feel like they are fully realized 3D object… missing bevel / hard edge information… gives a very flat feel to the overall scene. some great concept work tho :slight_smile:

well in that case I’m sorry to disappoint you but eXi is right, it looks awesome:)

although if you really want criticism then the one thing that looks slightly off to me is the lanterns, not sure why, maybe they’re a little bit too low poly for the rest of the scene, that’s all:D

That looks really awesome. Especially for only a couple of months. I’ve worked with 3d for 15 years virtually nonstop and I still don’t know how to UV or texture much less model something this detailed. The organics (like the dragons) are impossible to me.

For critique… the only thing that stands out to me in the wireframe is a needless edge on the middle of the bottom front of the base and some other minor edgeflow cleanup. I presume that comes from a mirror. The lanterns do look a bit low poly, yeah. The “3dness” looks fine.

Good job! The scene looks really awesome. I like all the details, but is right, the lanterns are just a bit to low poly.