The sculpting tool doesn't work right

I have tried to use the sculpting tool to make mountains, but when hold down the mousekey nothing happens. For the ground to rise I have to click the mousekey many times and that is slow and unconvenient. I’ve already tested different mouses but nothing changed. It shouldn’t be my PCs(gtx 970, i5 6500, 16gb ddr4) fault either. Has anyone an idea what could be wrong?
PS: Sry for bad english, it isn’t my mother language.

Increase the brush size (like 3000) smaller brushes take longer
increase the toolstrenght above 0.5 if you want ot go really crazy wit the strengt you can manually type a number like 5 thats how fast it basicly applys brush strokes (0-1 is just a recommanded value not a limit)

Its really fast

Use one viewport, hold ctrl+click then drag